From scheduled maintenance to emergency repairs, AMST enhances and restores the beauty of buildings by refinishing and restoring metals, stone, masonry and painted surfaces.  They are well known for their tried and proven methods of research, advanced planning, sampling and selecting the best solution for each project.  They are experts at multi-faceted projects – from cleaning and refinishing to restoration and rehabilitation of several types of surfaces:

Architectural Metals:  Anodized Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze and Painted Surfaces
Marble and Granite Repair and Polishing
Elevator Refinishing
Painting of Garages, Warehouses, Stairwells and Business Facilities


            Refinishing and maintaining marble
                    floors and building lobbies

Refinishing and maintaining stone           
floors in retail areas                        

        Maintaining and refinishing honed and
                       polished stone floors

Cleaning and sealing anodized aluminum    

        Cleaning and clear coating fountains

Sign cleaning and maintenance            


Refinishing and maintaining satin finish
stainless steel

Metal refinishing of exterior bronze

Refinishing and beautifying lobby entrances

Metal refinishing of interior satin finish bronze

Refinishing satin bronze elevator entries

Cleaning and refinishing mirror finish
stainless steel

Cleaning and refinishing satin finish
stainless steel

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