The AMST Fabrication Shop is completely equipped and operational as a full-service connection for a wide range of fabrication needs. The AMST trademark of work performed with excellence, planning, skills and follow-through is a cornerstone for the shop.  It is a full sheet metal and elevator cab shop with the versatility to work with metal, wood, stone or plastic and provide a short turnaround time.  The shop is equipped for thorough fabricating services including engraving, shearing, press brake forming, sawing, hole punching, boring, drilling, lathing, welding,  subassembly, assembly work and refinishing.

The Fabrication Shop will repair, replace, clad, refurbish or manufacture elevator cab, building or warehouse components such as:

  • Cab interior wall panels, handrails, door claddings, front return panels, ceilings, and base trims
  • Cab exterior framing and shells
  • Elevator entries (bronze, stainless steel or paint grade metal)
  • Doors, jambs and overhead transoms
  • Engraving on bronze, stainless steel and plastics
  • Exterior handrails
  • Escalator panels, trim, and skirts
  • Steel safety fencing and cabling
  • Columns or wall panels
  • Call-plates, card readers or floor indicators
  • Security panels and indicators
  • Magnetic lock covers
  • Corner guards, protection guards for doors, kick plates, or push plates
  • Refurbishing of canopies or walkway covers
  • Cutting holes for cardkey readers or call plates
  • Components in commercial kitchens.

AMST can provide AutoCAD drawings for renovation of elevator cabs or building canopies and most jobs that require in-depth and detailed drawings.

For a complete tour of the AMST Fabrication Shop or to discuss your needs, call Mike Powdrill, Rodney Powdrill, Peter Buzzini, or Frank Viscaino.


Forming stainless steel for an
elevator door cladding on the
Press Brake

Shearing large sheets of stainless
steel for recladding elevator doors
on the Heavy-Duty Mechanical Shear

Boring brass spacers on the
Spindle Bore Lathe

 Fabrication Shop


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