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Houston JOBS Phone: 713/522-8925

Houston AMST Phone: 713/520-9573


Houston Fax:  713/522-0618


Address: 7777 Parnell St.
               Houston, Texas 77021


LaRue Coleman

Kevin Blasingame
832/255-4503 Direct Line

Peter Buzzini
832/255-4504 Direct Line

JOBS/North Houston
John Esley

AMST Building Restoration Division AMST Refinishing and Fabrication Division

Phil Sokulski
832/255-4506 Direct Line

Mike Powdrill
832/255-4505 Direct Line

AMST Fabrication Division Sales
Carol Gray
817/586-8539 Direct Line

Rodney Powdrill
832/255-4512 Direct Line

AMST Fabrication Technical Designer
Roberto Fonseca
832/255-4514 Direct Line

AMST Fabrication Project Manager
Nicholas Baggett
832/255-4532 Direct Line

AMST Fabrication Estimator
John Flores
832/255-4525 Direct Line

Richard Powdrill
832/255-4515 Direct Line





Fabrication Shop
Frank Viscaino
832/255-4517 Direct Line

Director of Safety and Compliance
Dustin Mattison
832/255-4507 Direct Line

Office Personnel  

Lisa (Soliz) Zermeno
832/255-4502 Direct Line

Yolanda Torres
832/255-4521 Direct Line

Susana Nemeth
832/255-4509 Direct Line

Yudelka Hernadez
832/255-4510 Direct Line


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