Building Restoration Services

The AMST team are masters at preserving and restoring the architectural integrity of commercial buildings and properties. Skilled AMST managers and service crews use the latest technology and processes to protect and reverse the deterioration of building surfaces and repair or upgrade masonry or cement areas.  Once restored and repaired, the properties are clean and revitalized as part of the AMST full-service program.
AMST is well-known for providing comprehensive Interior and Exterior Building Restoration services:

Refinishing and Restoring Metals, Marble and Granite,
Concrete and Masonry Repair,
Waterproofing and Wet Glazing,
Color, Clear and Elastomeric Coatings,
Garage Repair, Pressure Cleaning and Coatings,
Building and Industrial Painting,
Pressure, Mechanical and Chemical Cleanings,
Grout and Epoxy Injection,
Traffic Coats

    Fountain repair and coating of the interior

Restoring and replacing granite on          
water fountain                              

A complete building maintenance program including
   concrete repair, waterproofing, and color coating

Exterior building restoration of S. Padre   
condo including waterproofing and         
color coating the window frames          


Pressure washing fountain wall

Concrete repair and re-bar protection

Complete building restoration including
concrete repair, epoxy injection of cracks,
color coating, traffic coating, pressure
washing, window cleaning

Restoration of anodized aluminum panels

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